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Boeing Completes All CST-100 Commercial Crew CCiCAP Milestones on Time and on Budget for NASA – Ahead of Competitors

In the ‘new race to space’ to restore our capability to launch Americans to orbit from American soil with an American-built commercial ‘space taxi’ as rapidly and efficiently as possible, Boeing has moved to the front of the pack with their CST-100 spaceship by completing all their assigned NASA milestones on time and on budget […]

Australian Astronomy Envy: This Video Is Like A Telescope Brochure

Performing observations in Australia is on many astronomers’ bucket lists, and this video timelapse shows you precisely why. Famous, world-class observatories, dark sky and the beautiful desolation of the desert combine in this award-winning sequence shot by Alex Cherney and posted on Vimeo. (...)Read the rest of Australian Astronomy Envy: This Video Is Like A […]

Rocket ‘Anomaly’ Blamed For Putting European Navigation Satellites Into Wrong Orbits

An independent investigation committee is looking at why two European navigation satellites are in the wrong orbits following their launch from French Guiana last week. While the first part of the launch went well, officials said telemetry from the satellites showed that the satellites were not where they were supposed to be. The probe is […]

Extreme Weather is Linked to Global Warming, a New Study Suggests

Extreme weather is becoming much more common. Heat waves and heavy rains are escalating, food crops are being damaged, human beings are being displaced due to flooding and animals are migrating toward the poles or going extinct. Although it has been postulated that these extreme weather events may be due to climate change, a new […]

5 Landing Site Candidates Selected for Rosetta’s Historic Philae Comet Lander

The ‘Top 5’ landing site candidates have been chosen for the Rosetta orbiters piggybacked Philae lander for humankind’s first attempt to land on a comet. See graphics above and below. The potential touchdown sites were announce today, Aug. 25, based on high resolution measurements collected by ESA’s Rosetta spacecraft over the past two weeks since […]

Astronomy History and Future Come Together at the South Carolina State Museum

Seeking out science and astronomy in South Carolina? You’re in luck, as we’re pleased to report the South Carolina State Museum’s brand-spanking new planetarium and astronomical observatory opened to the public earlier this month. (...)Read the rest of Astronomy History and Future Come Together at the South Carolina State Museum (958 words) © David Dickinson […]

Low On Fuel, Rainfall Satellite Slowly Spirals To Its Death In 2016

After 17 years of faithful service, the end is in sight for the Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (TRMM). The joint NASA-Japanese mission is out of fuel (except for a small reserve amount for emergencies) and beginning its slow descent back to Earth. From that fall, the satellite is not going to recover. It’s expected to […]

Kapow! Moderate Solar Flare Erupts From The Sun, But Likely Won’t Affect Earth

While this solar peak has been weaker than usual, from time to time we get a moderate punch from the Sun. Here’s an example — what NASA calls a “mid-level” solar flare blasting off the Sun at 8:16 a.m. EDT (1:16 p.m. UTC) yesterday (Aug. 26). While the related coronal mass ejection can cause auroras […]

Watch Live: New Horizons Crosses Neptune’s Orbit En Route To Pluto

Another milestone for the Pluto-bound New Horizons mission — it’s crossing the orbit of Neptune today, as it prepares to fly by Pluto next August. In celebration, NASA is holding two live events at headquarters in Washington, D.C. starting at 1 p.m. EDT (5 p.m. UTC) today, and livestreamed above. More details below the jump. […]

Carnival Of Space #368

This week’s Carnival of Space is hosted by Joe Latrell at hisPhotos To Space blog. Click here to read Carnival of Space #368 (...)Read the rest of Carnival Of Space #368 (89 words) susie for Universe Today, 2014. | Permalink | No comment | Post tags: Carnival of Space Feed enhanced by Better Feed […]

Masten Space Systems Aims High on XS-1 Military Space Plane Project

A look at Masten Space System's plans for the U.S. military's proposed Experimental Spaceplane (XS-1) vehicle. Masten is one of three companies holding XS-1 design contracts.

Curiosity Rover Packs Up Drill, Hits the Martian Road Again

Mission team members had been considering drilling a rock dubbed "Bonanza King" but scrapped the idea after pre-drilling activities suggested that the stone is not stable enough. Curiosity has instead resumed the long drive to the towering Mount Sharp.

Gravitational Lens Reveals Distant Universe Galaxy Merger | Video

Astronomers observing with the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) have been able to image merging galaxy H-ATLAS J142935.3-002836. A foreground galaxy gravity magnified the light of the merger to deliver the image.

NASA Astronaut Honored with Ohio Historical Marker

NASA astronaut Robert Overmyer, who flew on two space shuttle missions in the early 1980s, was remembered Saturday (Aug. 23) with the dedication of a historical marker in his Ohio hometown.

Spectacular Solar Flare Erupts from the Sun (Photos, Video)

The sun kicked off this week with an explosive solar flare that, while not aimed directly at Earth, may be a hotspot to watch over the next few days.

UPDATE: SpaceX Scrubs Tonight's Planned Commercial Satellite Launch

The private spaceflight company SpaceX has called off tonight's planned launch of the communications satellite AsiaSat 6, according to media reports. There is no word yet as to the cause of the scrub or when the next launch attempt will be.

Historic Mate-Demate Tower Used to Lift Space Shuttles Being Demolished

The steel tower used to mount NASA space shuttles atop jumbo jets to fly them cross-country after they landed in California is now being dismantled. The Mate-Demate Device at NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center stood for four decades.

Former NASA Chief Says Russia Holding US Spaceflight Hostage: Report

Former NASA administrator Mike Griffin thinks the United States' dependence on Russian technology to fly astronauts to the International Space Station is tantamount to a "hostage situation," according to an interview conducted in May.

US Military Blows Up Hypersonic Weapon After Failed Test Launch

The U.S. Army launched a prototype hypersonic weapon test from Alaska on Monday (Aug. 25), only to destroy the superfast vehicle seconds later when something went wrong.

A New World: NASA Recalls Voyager 2 Probe's 1989 Neptune Encounter

NASA's Voyager 2 spacecraft made the first-ever flyby of Neptune on Aug. 25, 1989, zipping by the planet and its moon Triton in quick succession. The historic encounter gave a face to two worlds that until that time had dwelt in depth and shadow.

When Black Holes Cross Paths

What happens when two black holes pass in the night?

European Probe Has 5 Potential Drop Zones for Historic Comet Landing

A robotic space probe is due to set down on a comet in November, and now scientists have identified five sites where it could land.

We Live Within A Supernova Remnant - New Evidence | Video

Data from instruments aboard a NASA sounding rocket corroborates the claim that about 10 million years ago a cluster of supernova explosions blew a bubble in the interstellar medium. Today Earth resides in that bubble.'s Tariq Malik Completes ALS Ice Bucket Challenge | Video

Our managing editor challenges Alan Boyle from NBCNews, Discovery News' Ian O'Neil and former NASA astronaut Mike Massimino. Learn more about the challenge to fight Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), as known as Lou Gehrig's Disease.

Space Station Flies Through Aurora | Time-Lapse Video

Expedition 40 astronaut Alexander Gerst said "We flew right through a massive aurora after last week's solar mass ejection." The space station maintains a altitude of between 205 and 270 miles above Earth.

On to Pluto! NASA Spacecraft Now Beyond Neptune's Orbit (Photos)

New Horizons — which is scheduled to zoom through the Pluto system on July 14, 2015 — passed Neptune's orbit today, 25 years to the day after NASA's Voyager 2 probe executed the first-ever flyby of faraway Neptune and its icy moon Triton.

NASA's Robot Army of 'Swarmies' Could Explore Other Planets

NASA is developing a band of autonomous robots called "swarmies" that use radio waves to communicate with each other and may one day be used to explore the moon or Mars.

Comet 'Cherry-Gerry' Landing Sites Narrowed To Five | Video

ESA's Rosetta mission will attempt to land its Philae lander in November 2014 on the surface of comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. Measurements of surface temperature, mass and gravity from the probe weighed into the decision.

Star Explosion's Beauty Revealed by Space Telescope Photo

NASA combined data from the Spitzer Space Telescope, Chandra X-Ray Observatory and ESA's XMM-Newton to produce an image of the supernova remnant Puppis A.

Spectacular Spitfire Snapped By Two Spacecraft | Video

NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory captured the M5.6-class flare in multiple wavelengths, while the NASA/ESA Solar and Heliospheric Observatory wide view captured some of the ensuing coronal mass ejection.

The Moon Smells: Apollo Astronauts Describe Lunar Aroma

The moon has a distinctive smell. Ask any Apollo moonwalker about the odiferous nature of the lunar dirt and you'll get the same answer. The moon smells like gunpowder.

Spectacular Spitfire Erupts From Sunspot | Video

An M5.6-class flare erupted from sunspot AR2151 on August 24th, 2014. NASA's Solar Dynamics observatory captured a close-up of the fireworks.

Russian Rocket Launches European Navigation Satellites Into Wrong Orbit

The launch service provider Arianespace confirmed late Friday (Aug. 22) that two satellites for Europe's Galileo navigation network were released into the wrong orbit after launching aboard a Soyuz rocket from French Guiana.

At Astronomy on Tap, Space Lessons Come with a Drink

Drawing a crowd for a series of lectures on astronomy isn't easy — unless, of course, you have alcohol on your side.

Vote Now! Best Space Stories of the Week – Aug. 24, 2014

What was your favorite space news story of the last week?

Best Space Photos of the Week - Aug. 23, 2014

From dramatic star formation to Russia's next-generation rocket, don't miss these amazing space images of the week for Aug. 23, 2014.

Best Night Sky Photos of the Week: Aug. 23, 2014

From Venus and Jupiter taking center stage, to spectacular auroras, don't miss these amazing objects to watch in the night sky.

SpaceX Rocket Explodes After Liftoff | Video

The private spaceflight company's Falcon 9 reusable (F9R) rocket was forced to self-destruct after an anomaly during a test flight on Friday April 21st, 2014. They are preparing a thorough investigation into Friday's mishap.

30 Satellites To Launch For European Global Navigation System | Video

The Galileo constellation will consist of 30 satellites (First two failed to reach correct orbit - see the launch). The European Space Agency hopes to launch the satellites once every 3 to 4 months.

Galileo Satellites Fail To Reach Correct Orbit - Launch Video

A Soyuz ST-B rocket blasted off from the European Spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana with a payload of two Full Operational Capability (FOC) satellites for the Galileo constellation.

How Does Curiosity Look After Two Years On Mars?

The Mars Science Laboratory has survived through the harsh conditions on the Red Planet, but it has not come through unscathed. Buzz60's Patrick Jones reports.

'Thigh Bone' on Mars Is Just Another Rock, NASA Says

A photo from NASA's Curiosity rover on Mars set the Internet abuzz this week with claims that the robot had found a "thigh bone" on the Red Planet. But not so fast. That so-called bone? Just a weathered Martian rock, NASA officials say.

Amazing Mars Photos by NASA's Curiosity Rover (Latest Images)

NASA's Mars rover Curiosity is beaming home amazing photos of the Red Planet.

Spectacular Auroras Captivate Astronaut in Space (Photos)

The northern lights illuminated Arctic skies earlier this week in a stunning display that could even be appreciated by astronauts living on the International Space Station.

SpaceX Reusable Rocket Prototype Explodes Over Texas

A SpaceX F9R reusable rocket protoype exploded over McGregor, Texas, on Friday (Aug. 22) during a complicated test flight. See video of debris falling from the sky here.

Lick Observatory: Searching for Exoplanets & Funds

Lick Observatory, in operation since 1888, is involved in the search for extrasolar planets. The facility will close in 2018 unless new funding is found.

SpaceX Rocket Explodes - Falling Debris Captured On Video

The private space company's Falcon 9 Reusable (F9R) rocket exploded on August 22nd, 2014 during a test flight in McGregor, Texas. Footage of the wreckage falling back to the surface after the explosion was uploaded to Youtube by Pat Hykkonen.

New Sunspot Blasts M-Class Flare | Video

Sunspot AR2149 erupted with an M3-class flare on August 21st, 2014. NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory captured the fireworks.

Google Lunar X Prize: Hakuto's Tethered Moon Rovers (Gallery)

Hakuto's rovers will team up to explore lunar caves.

Japanese Team Hakuto Shoots for the Moon (Op-Ed)

Tag-team robot rovers may help usher in a new era of lunar exploration.

Bringing the Universe to Life

By immersing viewers in dramatically intricate 3D universes, Ralf Kaehler, Stuart Levy and Dylan Nelson enable new perspectives on the cosmos.

Former NASA Astronaut Steven Nagel Dies at 67

NASA astronaut Steven Nagel, who flew on four space shuttle missions, died on Thursday, Aug. 21. He was 67. Nagel died after a long battle with cancer, the Association of Space Explorers reported.

A Star Called 'Bob'? Dolphin Constellation's Weird Star Names Explained

One of the smallest constellations in the Northern Hemisphere is reaching its highest point in the sky at around midnight local daylight time this week.

Jupiter, Venus and Moon Form Cosmic Triangle Before Dawn on Saturday

The three brightest objects in the night sky are set to create a spectacular triangle Saturday (Aug. 23) morning, and weather permitting, early-rising skywatchers should be able to catch the celestial action.

Northrop Grumman Unveils Concept for XS-1 Military Space Plane (Image)

This week, aerospace firm Northrop Grumman released artwork depicting its conception of the XS-1 space plane, which it's designing under a $3.9 million contract from the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

XS-1: A US Military Space Plane in Pictures (Gallery)

The U.S. military is developing the XS-1 Experimental Spaceplane to launch space missions faster and cheaper than ever before. See photos and images of the DARPA-led XS-1 space plane project in this gallery.

Celestial Meetup of Venus and Jupiter Thrills Stargazers (Photos)

Early-rising stargazers were treated to an amazing view of the two brightest planets closely aligned in the morning sky Monday (Aug. 18).

Astronauts See Mount Etna Volcano's Lava and Steam from Space (Photos)

Two astronauts living and working on the International Space Station have captured a one-two punch of incredible views showing two active volcanoes spewing steam and lava from space.

Remarkable 'Traveling' Flame Sparked In Space Station Experiment | Video

The Flame Extinguishment - 2 (FLEX-2) experiment studies the burning of fuel droplets in space. In a recent test, iso-octane and heptane were the fuel sources in an oxygen (21%) and nitrogen (79%) environment.

Space Does Weird Things to Astronaut Immune Systems

New research led by NASA shows that spaceflight confuses the immune system.

Space News From SpaceDaily.Com

Hypersonic weapon detonated after lift-off: US military

Washington (AFP) Aug 25, 2014
The US military had to detonate a hypersonic weapon seconds after lift-off Monday due to a technical problem, cutting short a flight test for the experimental project, officials said. "Less than four seconds into the lift-off phase, we terminated the flight," Pentagon spokeswoman Maureen Schumann told AFP. The decision to abort the flight test in Alaska was due to a technological "anomal

Experts probe launch failure for EU's satnav project

Paris (AFP) Aug 25, 2014
Experts are racing to identify and fix a problem that saw two satellites from Europe's troubled Galileo satnav programme sent into the wrong orbit. The pair were launched from Europe's space pad in Kourou, French Guiana, last Friday and were intended to be the first two fully operational satellites in the new-generation navigation system. Experts said it seemed unlikely the two misplaced

Small variations in the climate system can result in dramatic temperature changes

Bremerhaven, Germany (SPX) Aug 21, 2014
Over the past one hundred thousand years cold temperatures largely prevailed over the planet in what is known as the last ice age. However, the cold period was repeatedly interrupted by much warmer climate conditions. Scientists have long attempted to find out why these drastic temperature jumps of up to ten degrees took place in the far northern latitudes within just a few decades. Now, f

General Hyten takes control of AFSPC

Peterson AFB CO (SPX) Aug 18, 2014
General John E. Hyten became the 16th commander of Air Force Space Command, in a change-of-command ceremony, replacing General William L. Shelton. General Mark A. Welsh III, Air Force Chief of Staff, presided over the ceremony. General Hyten attended Harvard University on an Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps scholarship, graduated in 1981 with a bachelor's degree in engineering and

Exoskeleton technology set for Navy testing and evaluation

Orlando, Fla. (UPI) Aug 19, 2014
Exoskeltons from Lockheed Martin that boost a person's strength and endurance are to be tested and evaluated for industrial use by the U.S. Navy. The contract was issued for the Navy through the National Center for Manufacturing Sciences, or NCMS, but its details were not disclosed. Lockheed said its FORTIS exoskeleton is an ergonomically designed, wearable and unpowered device t

Northrop Grumman team developing space plane

Redondo Beach, Calif. (UPI) Aug 19, 2014
A preliminary design and flight demonstration plan for an experimental space plane with a reusable booster is being developed by Northrop Grumman. The space plane, the XS-1, is envisaged for lifting 3,000-pound class spacecraft into low Earth orbit at a lower cost than current launch equipment. The plane would serve as a test-bed for a new generation of hypersonic aircraft. The w

Scientists confirm array of microorganisms in buried Antarctic lake

Washington (UPI) Aug 20, 2014
Scientists have confirmed the presence of an array of microorganisms, including an extensive family of rock-eating bacteria, living in a subglacial lake in Antarctica. The discovery gives hope to scientists who suggest life could still be lurking deep under the surface of Mars. Lake Whillans is buried under 2,640 feet of ice. It's primarily fed by the lower portion of the Whillans Ice S

Astrotech Space Operations now a Lockheed Martin subsidiary

Bethesda, Md. (UPI) Aug 25, 2014
Lockheed Martin has announced the completion of its acquisition of Astrotech Space Operations, previously part of Astrotech Corporation. The financial terms of the transaction were described by Lockheed Martin as "not material" to it. Astrotech, however, said the transaction was worth $61 million and was an important step in the company's strategic evolution towards maximizing the value

AFSOUTH strengthens space ties with partner nations

Davis-Monthan AFB AZ (SPX) Aug 21, 2014
Three officers from the Dominican Republic, Peruvian and Brazilian militaries partnered with active-duty and guard Airmen at Davis-Monthan for a rare opportunity to work collectively on the space component of PANAMAX 2014. For a third year, partner nation participants took part in the space element of PANAMAX, an annual U.S. Southern Command sponsored exercise, which focuses on ensuring th

Russia's First Exoskeleton to Help Physically Impaired

Moscow (RIA Novosti) Aug 19, 2014
A team of Russian exoskeleton designers said Monday they were looking for disabled patients who would agree to volunteer for human tests in the country's unique ExoAtlet Project, according to Izvestia newspaper. "Preclinical trials are scheduled for autumn: we will look at how comfortable it is for different people to move around in an exoskeleton, and use the feedback to tune the control

NMR Using Earth's Magnetic Field

Berkeley CA (SPX) Aug 21, 2014
Earth's magnetic field, a familiar directional indicator over long distances, is routinely probed in applications ranging from geology to archaeology. Now it has provided the basis for a technique which might, one day, be used to characterize the chemical composition of fluid mixtures in their native environments. Researchers from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)'s Lawrence Berkeley Nat

On the edge of graphene

Teddington, UK (SPX) Aug 21, 2014
Researchers at the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) have discovered that the conductivity at the edges of graphene devices is different to that of the central material. Local scanning electrical techniques were used to examine the local nanoscale electronic properties of epitaxial graphene, in particular the differences between the edges and central parts of graphene Hall bar devices. Th

New N. Korean launch site near completion: think-tank

Seoul (AFP) Aug 22, 2014
North Korea will be able to test longer-range rockets at its new launch site before the end of this year, a US think-tank has said. A major construction programme has been under way at the North's Sohae Satellite Launching Station since mid-2013, focused on upgrading facilities to handle larger, longer-range rockets with heavier payloads. Satellite images taken this month indicate that s

How much do climate patterns influence predictability across the United States?

Washington DC (SPX) Aug 21, 2014
In our post last month, we introduced and defined several climate patterns other than ENSO that impact United States winter climate. But how useful are these climate patterns in predicting U.S. temperature and precipitation in winter and other seasons? How do they stack up against ENSO, for example? b>Long-term Trends br> /b> For all seasons combined, upward temperature trends have been

Japan mulls building its own fighter jets: report

Tokyo (AFP) Aug 21, 2014
Japan is considering building its own fighter jets after years of playing second fiddle in a US construction partnership, a report said Thursday, in a move likely to stoke fears of its military resurgence among Asian neighbours. Japan's attempt in the 1980s to build its first purely domestic fighters since World War II faced US resistance and resulted in joint US-Japan development and produc